Lenses solve musician’s vision woes

About 10 years ago professional singer-songwriter Doug Williams realized he was experiencing serious vision problems. Diagnosed with keratoconus, he was plagued by terrible glare issues from bright stage lights. The condition also affected his nighttime driving.

“It was all day but worse at night with the contrast of light and darkness,” said Williams, who with his wife Telisha make up the Americana-roots duo Wild Ponies.

“Everything has either a halo or I see two of everything….Looking down at my guitar tuner on the floor, I just see lots of red lights.”

Basically, anything reflective caused distorted vision, even stoplights and lit-up road signs. And that certainly was not good for the Nashville-based duo that hits the road a hundred days a year.

“I went to a bunch of other eye doctors in Virginia and Tennessee and got diagnosed with keratoconus, but they didn’t know how to fit the lenses I would need,” said Williams.

After finding he was not a good candidate for eye surgery, Williams was referred to Dr. Brad Altman at Aprima Consultants in Eye Health in Mt. Juliet.

“After several visits with custom-made designs, we achieved our goal: functional vision, especially while working,” said Altman. “He now is able to wear a specialty lens with success that aids this problem.”

“I’m really grateful I can see.” – Musician Doug Williams

Williams was pleased with the results. “Now I can see my guitar tuner, subtitles on TV, road signs. We do a lot of driving, so that’s very important.

“I’m really grateful I can see. Dr. Altman had to work really hard. It wasn’t an easy case,” said Williams.

Altman added, “Doug still deals with some of these problems; however, these custom lenses I’ve designed for him make the world less blurry and vision is better when performing in a dark environment with bright lights. I think we hit a home run.”